About Lia Cole


The moment a 5 year old Lia Cole eagerly learned the chords G and C to pull off “You Are My Sunshine” on the acoustic guitar, music became her heart and soul. In typical Lia Cole fashion, she ended that same home video with a resounding soulful riff overtop a hard hitting power chord, that would give the world insight into her undying talent to create her own sound.

With deep soulful influences ranging from Bill Withers to Etta James, combined with the young sound of pop icons like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, the Lia Cole sound captivates audiences and stands completely on its own. Her intimate high quality online acoustic video releases will have you in awe with her musicality, and laughing along with her unapologetic behind the scenes bloopers. Representing St.  Albert, AB worldwide, this award-winning young songwriter has become Canada’s up and coming act to watch.

Keep up with Ms. Cole on social media by following @LiaColeMusic for daily updates, weekly video releases, and a real time sneak peek into the life of a Pop Star who’s hard core dedicated fan base continues to explode. Tune in today, and see what all the fuss is about.


Winner – Youth Artist Award – St. Albert Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Gala

Winner –  K-Days Talent Search Colin Forbes Scholarship

Winner – Show 2.0 at St. Albert Amplify Youth Festival

Finalist – Big Valley Jamboree Homegrown Talent Stage

Finalist – My United Way Voice Poverty Awareness talent competition

Nominee – “Artist to Watch” Edmonton Music Awards

Winner – Edmonton Youth Talent Show

Winner – Most Promising Youth International Songwriter – NACMAI

Winner – Most Promising International Youth Female Vocalist – NACMAI

Winner – Most Promising Female Youth Entertainer – NACMAI

Winner – Global Youth Star Search

Nominee – Female Artist of the Year and Fan’s Choice Award ACMA